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List of Stakeholder Impact Estimate Final

List of Stakeholder Impact Estimate Final

AgMIP Finishing line workshop, Tanzania (Arusha) (30 January to 4 February).

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AgMIP Mid Term Workshop January 16-17, 2014

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Slides - Day 1

1. Wheat modeling and physiological breeding for climate change - Phillip D. Alderman Wheat Physiology Global Wheat Program CIMMYT, Int.
2. Impact of climate change on Wheat Production in Punjab - Dr. Makhdoom Hussain Director Wheat Research Institute, Faisalabad
3. Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Feed Competitiveness in Pakistan - Professor Ghulam Habib Livestock Consultant Peshawar
4. Economic modelling in the case of oil euphoria - Dr Aziz Hayat Deakin University Australia
5. Supercomputing in Agricultural Real Time Modeling - Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, CEO/Director TEDS
6. Rice-Wheat cropping system: Issues and Challenges - Dr. Fahd Rasul (Outreach organizer, AgMIP) Assistant Professor, Agronomy, UAF.

Slides - Day 2

1. Climate Crisis- A global - Haroon Akram Gill, Climate Reality Project
2. Climate change and our responsibilities - Prof. Dr. Asghari Bano
3. Improving water use efficiency of wheat: A Case study from Australia - Dr. Babar Manzoor Atta, Senior Scientist NIAB, Faisalabad
4. Agro-meteorological inputs for Agriculture - Dr. Khalid Mahmood Malik Pakistan Meteorological Department

AgMIP Kickoff Workshop June 4-6, 2013

1. Final Schedule of AgMIP Workshop and International Climate Change Seminar.
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3. Crop Yeild Appraisal and Forecasting- Decision Support Under Certain Climate 1
4. Adaptation to Climate Changes Breeding Prespective
5.Climate Change Hunger
6. Pakistan Increasing Vulnerability To Climate Change:Policy Response
7. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies
8. ICT and Improved Agricultural Information Management System
9. ICT In Agriculture
10.Climate Change Adaptation And Agri-Extension
11.Crop Yeild Appraisal and Forecasting- Decision Support Under Certain Climate 2
12.Introduction and Application Of The EPIC Model
13.Application of Remote Sensing Technologies to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Production
14.Calibration and Evaluation of CERES Wheat Model and Climate Change Impact Assessment Using DSSAT